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Explore amazing photo and film locations in your area or search for something specific like a ‘warehouse studio’ in ‘Shoreditch’.
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Communicate with the host directly. Send a message or book the location for a specific time and date.
Save on average 20%
We do not charge you any fees! By booking through Scouty you will safe on average 20% compared to location agencies.
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From studios to mansions and warehouses, we have locations that fit any need
Scouty was great for booking locations for our shoots, speaking directly to the homeowner made it easier to arrange everything and payments are made through the platform too.
Alia from Content Developer at Warpaint
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Register your space as a location for photoshoots and film productions. Our average host makes between £500 - £2,500 per month with just 1-3 bookings.
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