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Lockdown in England: Can commercial photo and film shoots continue?

On Sunday 1st of November the Prime Minister announced a four week lockdown and further restrictions in relation to COVID. The new regulations will become effective on Thursday 5th November and will apply until at least Wednesday 2nd December. The Advertising Producers Association (APA) have released a statement confirming that the new restrictions do not affect commercial shoots and they can continue as before:

  • Production can continue – (as it cannot be done at home)
  • Film shoots on location and in people’s homes are allowed

Locations on Scouty

Our locations will continue to take the necessary measures and precautions to ensure that a safe shooting environment is ensured for both clients and staff. Please feel free to reach out to the locations your interested in and check with them about their COVID-19 measures and strategies.

COVID-19 Measures & Guides

In comparison to the first lockdown, this time we all know more about the virus and have the guidelines in place that help work safely and responsibly on sets:

Scouty Guidelines

APA Guidelines

Please stick to those guidelines and work from home if you can. Additional information provided by the government should be taken into consideration. We recommend that a full analysis of the operations and current government advice is undertaken to prepare as fully as possible.

Stay safe!

Nico Döser

Nico Döser

Co-Founder and host expert

Our hosts rent out their amazing spaces like bars, studios, private houses and many more to earn some extra money and see their location in amazing photo and film projects.