Rent your home for filming and make money from it. If you own a property of any kind, you can earn additional income by registering your house as a filming location. Location scouts are looking for all types of properties and are willing to pay well to rent them. 

This post will look at how to become a site host with Scouty. It’s easy to list your location with Scouty, get bookings and get paid. 

Is Your Property Screen Worthy?

There are no rules on what a filming property should look like. Any space can make a good photography or film location. This could be a private house, gym, restaurant or warehouse. In addition, a property can be fully furnished and decorated or completely empty with white walls. Large, spacey locations with parking spaces are better for film and TV shoots since they fit a full-size crew. However, smaller locations will work well for photography shoots. 
Even so, films take place in a variety of settings. For example, you might have a council flat or a stately home; both can be perfect locations for different stories. One thing to keep in mind is that a film crew might want to redecorate your home. This could be putting up picture frames or rearranging furniture. So before you rent your home for filming, it’s wise to discuss if you are open to redecorating. 

Location scouts are looking for a wide range of spaces, so you never know how well your property might rent out. You can list your space on Scouty for free and see what response you get. For all you know, you might be missing out on additional income.

What To Expect

When you rent your home for filming, it’s good to have some idea of what to expect. For the most part, film crews are easy to work with. Where they are filming on your property and the work hours will be discussed before shooting. However, it will also benefit you to be more flexible with your time and open to changes. A photography shoot might book your location for only a few hours. On the other hand, a film production might book your property for the whole day. Film work hours can be anywhere from 8 to 12 hours plus per day. So, if you are busy, perhaps hire a caretaker to wait for the crew. It can also be a good idea to have a key safe so the crew can get in easily.

Most of the shoots booked on Scouty are 1-2 day shoots with small crews. Those kind of shoots are perfect if you want to start making money with your home.

How To List Your Space

You can list your property for free with Scouty. All you need to do is create a new account, upload photographs, and soon you will be visible to location scouts UK wide. You can list any property private and public locations as long as you own the space. Unlike other agencies, Scouty is all about you and your terms. You can discuss filming requests with bookings directly via the in-app messenger as well as edit your availability. Everything is entirely flexible, so you can accept the proposals that fit you. 

To get the best results, it can help to pay for professional photos of your home. In addition, floor plans can be good to send over, especially if you have a large location with multiple rooms and floors. On Scouty, you can upload up to 20 high-quality photos to advertise your location. There is also the option to adjust what times and days the location is available and the cost per hour to rent. 

How to list your location on Scouty:

  • Create a new account
  • Enter property details
  • Upload high-quality photos
  • Enter cost and availability
  • Get exposure and bookings

What if there are damages

In rare occasions there might be some small and repairable damages to the property. Rare problems are markings on walls, muddy floorboards and moved furniture. The crew should clean up every day and be making sure that your property is the same as was found. However, in rare occations accidents happen, and the majority of damages will be covered by public liability insurance. All bookers using Scouty need to have public liability insurance (PLI) with a cover of at least £1 million to book your space.

The PLI will cover most potential damages to your location. However, you can also ask for a damage deposit, a cheque that the production company gives you to hold. When they are done, you can give the cheque back if there are no damages. You should go around the location, checking for damages at the end of filming. You can also charge a small fee to cover these repair costs.

When you rent your home for filming, it helps to not be too precious. Your location will be a working site for several hours. The crew will also want to use your electrical power and perhaps the bathroom too.

How Much Can You Make

Lastly, if you rent your home for filming, how much money can you make. Of course, this depends on how popular your property becomes and what kind of filming happens there. Photography shoots, documentaries and low budget films will pay less than big-budget feature films. If your location is chosen for a recurring TV drama, you might get booked frequently throughout the year. Inner-city sites can also charge more than rural. For now, have a look at what cost similar locations are hiring out for on Scouty

When your location has been booked, and you have agreed on terms, you will get paid. With Scouty, you are paid upfront, and the money will be transferred directly into your bank account. There is no chasing up invoices, and we take a 10% commission on all successful bookings. So you never know how much extra income you could make unless you try. 

You can rent your home for filming with Scouty for free. This can be any property you own, from a private home to business space, small or large. If you are comfortable having a crew work in your location, you can easily earn additional income from renting your property.