What is Nusa Films?

Hi I’m Toby, co-founder of Nusa Films: a social-first video production company based in East London. We produce high-performing social media campaigns for brands and have worked with the likes of Vodafone, Sports Direct and Warner Bros. 

By social-first, we mean content that is made specifically with social media audiences in mind. We believe that brands are often ignoring the key factors that allow content to perform well on these platforms. These are:

  • Grabbing attention in the first 3 seconds with an interesting visual
  • Providing value, whether that’s through entertainment or education
  • Being optimised for each specific platform eg. focus on vertical video for Instagram or emphasis on sound for TikTok

What role does social first video marketing play for brands?

From a consumer perspective (consumer first, always), people love watching videos – just look at the prolific rise of TikTok as a platform. From a brand perspective, video has the versatility to be an important tool in any part of the marketing funnel on social media – whether you’re looking to create general awareness for your brand, empower your audience or simply sell more helicopter ejector seats. Video as a medium is powerful at grabbing attention, conveying information and influencing behaviour which makes it attractive to brands, particularly those who understand the value of social media.

How does video increase brand’s social reach?

Video is a great way for brands to get more eyeballs because it’s naturally a captivating and information-rich medium. Ask any digital marketer and they’ll tell you that nine times out of ten, video will always outperform still images. Historically, there has been a high barrier to entry for brands to use video at scale because it used to cost a lot of money (think big crews, cameras more expensive than houses etc.) Now that production is much more accessible, brands run the risk of being left behind if they’re not regularly creating great video content.

How can Nusa Films help brands create amazing content to engage with their audiences?

The bottom line is that we want to help brands achieve success, whatever that looks like for them. One of our clients BALLS (yes they make below the belt trimmers) wanted to generate sales and so we’ve helped them sell over 100,000 products by generating over 500 million video impressions. Another one of our clients Soul Cap (who makes swimming caps for big hair) wanted to grow their community of loyal customers so we created a campaign called #BlackGirlsDontSwim to challenge stereotypes around swimming.

What are your plans for 2021?

Our fundamental mission is to create the best social-first video content in the UK. We’re planning to hit the ground running in 2021, looking to work with more brands that share our social-first vision, expanding our team, getting our first studio space and most importantly having fun doing all of it!
If you’re looking to up your social content this year be sure to drop Nusa Films a line and they’ll be happy to help!

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